All About Moon Island Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s best recreational destinations, where visitors and residents alike have something new to explore all the time. In addition to the best restaurants, theme parks, and nightclubs, the city has some incredible natural attractions for all types of travelers. Since the emirate lies along the coast, Moon Island Dubai is one place that allows you to appreciate the beauty of Dubai from a different perspective. A unique blend featuring the cerulean waters of the ocean and the rippling sand dunes of the UAE desert, Moon Island is one of the hidden gems in Dubai that you should definitely explore.

Moon Island Dubai

Dubai’s beaches are ranked as one of the best spots for water skiing, snorkeling, and swimming in the region and are considered to be among the best in the world. Adventure water sports activities in Dubai are also popular with thrill seekers in the city. While the larger beaches are well-known throughout the city, there are also some smaller islands and beaches that are not as well-known but offer something unique and different. Dubai Moon Island is one of those relatively little-known places.
About 70 kilometers from Dubai Beach, Moon Island takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Of interest to guests visiting the leisure resort, this hidden gem is known as Moon Island due to its unique shape – the island looks like a crescent moon. Several companies now offer exciting destination tours where you can take part in a variety of fun activities.

Moon Island Activities

Water sports enthusiasts will be delighted with the offerings on Moon Island. With gusts of wind, you can enjoy the thrill of jet skiing. Those who prefer more relaxation can also opt for a boat trip with the family. Snorkeling in crystal clear waters and discovering incredible marine life is another fun activity you can try on Moon Island. You also have the opportunity to enjoy a luxury yacht cruise. Fishing is also allowed on the island. So if you have your own fishing gear, this is another fun activity worth trying. You can also cook a family barbecue on the pristine beach with stunning ocean views.

Moon Island Dubai Tour

Moon Island is a bit far from the mainland. Therefore, you can only visit this place by booking the Moon Island Dubai tours from various companies. One of the most popular ways to explore Crescent Island is a deep sea fishing trip. Even if you don’t know how to fish, come along. One of the popular ways to explore the Crescent Moon Island is to opt for a deep-sea fishing tour. Even if you are not proficient in fishing, with the guidance and equipment provided by the touring companies, you will be able to get a hang of quite easily!

Similarly, visitors can also book a full-day tour on the magnificent charter yachts. These trips are ideal for families as there is so much to do for everyone. Adults can engage in water sports and little ones can enjoy boat rides followed by a beach side picnic.