new year yacht party dubai 2024

Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a rental yacht beside Burj Al Arab

The onset of the New Year 2024  marks the beginning of a new era. A time to rejoice in life, have a full night of parties, and begin to embrace the hope that awaits each of us.

On our New Year’s Eve boat sail, bring your friends and join us when you’re ready to embark. Global buffet, live Deejay crew on board, and an accessible bar are all included for just AED 1250 per person. You may view the fireworks show from our yacht at the Boats Ride party houseboat. This would be the ideal moment to make reservations! There are only a limited number of units available.

If you want to ring in the new year with a Dhow boat ride in Dubai Marina, we’ve got you locked up. As you cruise in a peaceful environment with a delectable food court and musical performances for you and your family, you will be able to see Dubai’s breathtaking fireworks.

As we all know, Dubai is the most visited tourist location, especially on New Year’s Eve. Plans for this magnificent evening out celebrating the arrival of the contemporary year 2024 started to take shape. Why not visit Dubai on this momentous occasion? Then, we have to be aware of every aspect of celebrating new year yacht party dubai at New Year’s Eve on a boat close to the Burj Al Arab.

New Year Dubai Cruise 2024

Whether you want a luxury New Year’s Eve dinner cruise, a low-cost dhow cruise, or a full-fledged cruise party, our guidance to Dubai’s best New Year’s Eve cruise bargains has you protected.

Let’s start with the coolest New Year’s Eve yacht offers in Dubai:

Set sail on the Mega Yacht Lotus for a New Year’s Eve party!

As you savor a delicious variety of international cuisines, along with beverages, cooking stations, and a range of salads, enjoy the fireworks, a range of multimedia zones, and breathtaking views of the Dubai cityscape on this New Year’s Eve boat excursion in Dubai. Also included luxuries like pool house, a jacuzzi, and live entertainment!

You may have a fun-filled night with lamps as they cruise around Dubai Marina. They might sit and drink and eat and dance long into the night on the opulent Small boat. The upper deck, which is accessible, is a great place to enjoy the spectacular views of the Dubai Marina on New Year’s Eve.

Wouldn’t that sound lovely? Our New Year’s Eve cruise is incredibly popular, as well as ticket prices are in high demand. Those who want to spend New Year’s Eve on our Dubai Marina boat tour could perhaps make a reservation ahead of time.

As we know that New Year Eve’s Dubai Yacht Party is the most popular event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which would force our guests to book the tickets in advance and reserve the slots.

Why wait? Book your New Year Yacht Party in Dubai tickets today!


Enjoy the festivities to the utmost and take in Dubai’s most breathtaking fireworks display over Palm and the Burj Al Arab. Witness the breathtaking fireworks that Dubai New Year is known for lighting up the heavens.

By sailing with Exclusive Boats, you can ensure that this New Year’s Eve is even more memorable.


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