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Pick one from our exclusive fleet of 30 different luxury yachts rental in Dubai that fits into your budget without compromising the trip experience. We also have yacht rental packages and party yacht rentals in Dubai to make your happy moments memorable.


Nanje Yachts is a leading yacht rental company based in Dubai, offering exceptional services for yacht rentals in Dubai. With our extensive fleet of yachts and boats accommodating capacities from 2 to 500 persons, we ensure an unforgettable cruising experience. Enhance your cruise with thrilling water sports activities in Dubai, including Jet Skiing, banana boat rides, flyboarding, and donut rides, which are highly popular and sought-after. Nanje Yachts takes full responsibility and maintains a professional approach while providing these water sports in Dubai. Additionally, we arrange unforgettable deep-sea fishing experiences in Dubai, catering to both seasoned fishermen and curious novices.

Our experienced team specializes in catering to the individual wishes of each guest. During your yacht tour in Dubai, we can anticipate and fulfill your specific needs for private yacht parties. Our services extend to providing waiters, hostesses, and a professional DJ with a state-of-the-art music system on board. Nanje Yachts ensures the best possible yacht rental and boat rental experience through our well-maintained fleet, expert yachting team, and dedicated customer service.

The range of charters we offer is endless, catering to various occasions such as yacht birthday parties in Dubai, boat rental services in Dubai Marina, romantic yacht cruises in Dubai, yacht parties in Dubai, and fashion photoshoots against the stunning backdrop of Burj Al Arab and Atlantis Hotel. Our clients consistently express satisfaction with our services, often returning to us for their yacht rental needs. We proudly assert that we provide the finest yacht rental services in Dubai. Below, you can explore our most popular yachts and boats for charter in Dubai, cherished by our regular and new customers. Nanje Yachts guarantees an exceptional experience on each yacht or boat in our well-maintained fleet, supported by our quality yacht team and professional customer service.

Nanje Yachts Provides Yacht Rental in Dubai and Boat Charter in Dubai

Welcome to the most significant Dubai online platform for yacht and boat rental.

The best way and platform, where we can help you to find a yacht for rent in Dubai. Nanje Yachts provides yacht and boat rental in Dubai, and yacht party, with prices from 400 AED. Easy to choose and hire any yacht or boat on our website:; certainly including high rated yacht charter services. 

Learn about the available yachts and boats for renting, cruise destinations, and possible itineraries by clicking on the headings in the menu bar. With over 20 crewed luxury yachts and speedboats, currently available for charter in Dubai, you can find the right charter yacht and hire any yacht or boat hire service in Dubai. Birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, company parties, product launches – whatever you have in mind, you can count on us to give you the best time of your life. 

Whether it is an intimate gathering or a large group outing, you can never go wrong with our exceptional yacht charter services. Cruises along the scenic coastal waters of Dubai, take up to two to four hours and include such destinations as Palm lagoon, Jumeirah Beach Residence, The Palm Jumeirah Island, Atlantis Hotel, Burj Al Arab Hotel, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai Water Canal.

We are working 24 hours, contact us today for getting details, about how to hire a yacht for a party in Dubai, or for a sightseeing cruise in Dubai. we will work together to arrange the perfect yachting vacation for you and your guests. Begin your planning of a yacht charter in Dubai today and book now!

Experience is everything when you charter an exclusive yacht, so it is essential where and with which company, you will find and rent a yacht in Dubai. Hire a yacht in Dubai, or a boat with our charter company is easy action. Each of our yacht and boat tours in Dubai, with us, is fully insured. Choose high-end quality and safe service, and get your unforgettable yachting experience. Our formula for success is simple. We ask the right questions and listen carefully to your responses. This process allows us to thoroughly understand your objectives and expectations so we can match you with the best possible yacht and crew to fulfill your needs. 

We want to know if you enjoy water sports: Jet Ski in Dubai, banana riding or fly board, If you have children in your yacht party, your favorite food menu on a yacht cruise, or if you are interested in fishing in Dubai during your tour. We advise against dictating all possible options when talking about the best yacht and destination for your yachting holiday. Our mission is to turn every day of your charter into your ultimate fantasy – writing the perfect note and making your dreams and aspirations a stunning reality.

Budget Yachts & Boats

Yachts are typically segmented based on the overall length and how many passengers they can accommodate. Our Budget Yachts & Boats for Rent in Dubai are designed for up to 12 persons with facilities like Swimming, Sunbathing, Washroom, Upper deck, Bedroom, Saloon, Sightseeing, Quality Sound System with Safety Equipments as well.

26ft Speed Boat Boat Rental Dubai

26ft speed boat

26 Feet / Up To 8 People / Swimming / Sightseeing / Quality Sound System / Safety Equipments

35ft Sightseeing Boat Rental Dubai

35ft Sightseeing boat

35 Feet / Up To 10 People / Sunbathing / Washroom / Quality Sound System / Safety Equipments

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48 Feet Yacht

48 Feet/ Up to 12 people / Kitchen/ Sunbed/ Upper deck / 2 Bedroom/ Saloon / Quality Sound System/ Safety Equipments

Standard Yachts

Our standard yachts for cruising and entertaining which has combines features of a standard motor yacht with a sportfish yacht to have entertaining space when you need it and also fishing space when you need it are ready for rent in Dubai.

50 Feet Yacht Rental Dubai | Book a Yacht in Dubai

50 Feet Yacht

50 Feet / Up to 20 people/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

56 Feet Yacht for Rent in Dubai | 56 Feet Yacht Rental Dubai

56 Feet Yacht

56 Feet/ Up to 25 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

65 Feet Yacht Rental Dubai Marina

65 Feet Yacht

65 Feet/ Up to 28People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

70 Feet Yacht Rental Dubai Marina

70 Feet Yacht

70 Feet/ Up to 30 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

75 Feet Majesty Yacht Rental Dubai Marina

75 Feet MAJESTY Yacht

75 Feet/ Up to 35 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

80 Feet Azimut Yacht Rental Dubai

80 Feet AZIMUT Yacht

80 Feet/ Up to 37 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

Premium Yachts

Generally, luxury or premium yachts are characterized by meticulous maintenance, professional craftsmanship, and exquisite interiors. Our fleet of premium yachts in Dubai ranges from 70ft to 235ft mega yachts, offering the capacity to accommodate up to 50 guests. These yachts boast a range of upscale amenities, including high-end cabins, spacious fly decks, sundecks, saloons, kitchens, VIP bedrooms, and even Jacuzzis.

88-Feet Majesty Yacht Rental in Dubai

88 Feet Majesty YACHT

88 Feet/ Up to 40 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

95-Feet Party Yacht/Boat Rental Dubai

95 Feet Party Yacht

95 Feet/ Up to 65 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms / 8000 litre pool

95-Feet Charter Yacht/Boat Rental Dubai

95 Feet charter Yacht

95 Feet/ Up to 50 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms / Jacuzzi

95-Feet Charter Yacht/Baot Rental Dubai

96 Feet Super Yacht

96 Feet / Up to 25 People / Cabin / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

101-Feet Majesty Yacht/Baot Rental Dubai

101 Feet Majesty Yacht

101 Feet/ Up to 50 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

Mega Yachts

Mega yachts are characterized by meticulous maintenance, professional craftsmanship, and exquisite interiors. Our fleet of Mega yachts in Dubai ranges from 110ft to 240ft mega yachts, offering the capacity to accommodate up to 500 guests. These yachts boast a range of upscale amenities, including high-end cabins, spacious fly decks, sundecks, saloons, kitchens, VIP bedrooms, and even Jacuzzis and a pool.

110-Feet Premium Yacht/Boat Rental Dubai

110 Feet Premium Yacht

110 Feet / Upto 80 People / Cabin/ Fly Deck/ Sun Deck / Kitchen / Saloon/ Bedrooms / karaoke Room / Jacuzzi

143-Feet Premium Yacht/Boat Rental Dubai

143 Feet Premium Yacht

143 Feet / Upto 130 People / Open Upper Deck / Buffet Area / Kitchen / Saloon/ Bedrooms / Jacuzzi

150-Feet Mega Yacht/Boat Rental Dubai

150 Feet Mega Yacht

150 Feet / Upto 130 People / Open Upper Deck / Buffet Area / Kitchen / Saloon/ Bedrooms / Jacuzzi

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An exquisite Royalty Stay with a Spacious Pool - 160 Feet Superyacht with 35 Guests Capacity. VIP Rooms | Master bedroom & bedrooms | Shower | AC Lounge | Spacious saloon | Kitchen Exterior - Sundeck | Fly-bridge | Spacious Pool


boat hire dubai marina


Travel anywhere within UAE limits, To and From our yacht locations.

yatch rental dubai

Exclusive Cuisine

Live Barbecue Menu / International Buffet Menu / Western / Arabic / Asian & Light Food Menus / Canape & Beverage Menus

Exclusive Cuisine Nanje Yachts

Corporate Events

A Luxury Private Corporate Cruise / Yummylicious Gourmet Food / Exclusive Cuisine / Buffet Dining / Beverages

luxury yacht charter companies

Water Sports

Parasailing / Speedboat Trips / Waterskiing / Wakeboard / Jet Skiing / Banana / Donut Rides / Fishing and Swimming

Deep sea fishing on yacht

Fishing Trips

Deep Sea Fishing Trips Dubai / Expert - Experienced Crew / Fishing Equipments / Fishing trips in Dubai Marina

boat hire dubai

Live BBQ Onboard

Live BBQ Menu / Refreshments


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Excellent experience. Crew were amazing and arrived on time, were super helpful and friendly. The boat itself was in top condition with all facilities at the ready. I especially loved that I could pair my phone via Bluetooth and play music throughout the boat. We all had an amazing cruise. I’ll definitely be doing this again soon 💯

Nick Frost

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Our surprise birthday party was a success. The ride was fun and the captain and other crew was very good and helpful. We will surely book again next time. We’ll recommend you as well to our friends. ❤️❤️❤️

Ros An Payade

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One of the best services I can say! I have visited many cruises but here the cleanliness, hospitality and the experience with crew and activities were up to the mark.. We had chosen “Sightseeing Package” and I can say, the best trip up to date.

shaleela hameed

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Had a lovely experience when we booked a 4h boat trip with them. Started perfectly on time, the boat was nice and clean. Fishing equipment was well prepared and the crew very friendly and attentive. Will definitely book with them again 🙂

Sarah Graf

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We had a lovely time with Nanje Yachts House boats. The rooms were clean and tidy….. food was excellent….. staff were friendly n cooperative. Overall nice experience. We really enjoyed the stay. I would highly recommend this houseboat to everyone.

Prashanth Kateel

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Great evening on the water. I contacted Nanje Yachts with a last minute request, and they were able to get me a lovely boat at a good price for that same night. Communication was great over whatsapp and the guys on the boat were very hospitable and gave us great views of the Marina and the Burj al Arab at night. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Brown

Slide 1

It was great experience, the team is very professional, we loved the experience. The crew helped us with the fishing and managed to catch different type of fish. I would highly recommend them. And i will be definitely going to book again with them. Keep up the good work👍🏻

Rebecca Rizkallah


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Book a Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai

Created for your comfort and designed for pleasure, a luxury yacht charter Dubai promises an excellent yacht experience, combining fun and being surrounded by beautiful views of the Jumeirah coasts to increase your imagination. Unsurpassed in freedom and flexibility with five stars personalized service making it the best-of-the-best tailored vacation, guaranteed. Best competitive prices for yacht rental Dubai with high-quality service.


We offer yacht cruises: Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Hotel or Dubai Water Canal, as well as various water activities upon your request: sunset cruise, deep sea fishing in Dubai or Jet ski riding along coasts of Jumeirah. Our company is a team of professionals who are here to deliver the best first-class yacht rental Dubai service for you with personal touch and assistance. 


We offer a variety of luxury private yacht charter of different size and capacity to let you enjoy the beautiful coastlines of Dubai. Our Yachts ranges between 26-150 feet, the number of cabins in each fleet varies with the size. We, at Nanje Yachts, are proficient in making guests get the best sailing experience of their lives via our many luxury yacht rental located at the Dubai Marina.

Yacht and Boat Tours Agency in Dubai

Established in 2015, Nanje Yachts is Dubai’s leading award-winning boat/yacht charter company. We are the only charter company with our own fleet of yachts. Setting industry benchmarks and standards has made us pioneers in yacht charter Dubai. Our experience and expertise allow us to anticipate and accommodate the specific needs of your individual party.

Memorable Cruise on Yacht

Our team will make every effort to make your cruise on your preferred yacht in Dubai Marina memorable. In fact, it will be a dream come true for your family members and friends. We cater to various events ranging from a baby shower ceremony to senior persons’ retirement events. What are you waiting for? Make your family members or company employees celebrate the best milestone of their life via our luxury yacht rental Dubai.

Event Yachts with catering

We have a reasonable fee for hosting birthday parties or any major event of your choice in any of our yachts. We can cater to guests ranging from ten to a hundred. Our professional team will ensure that the guests are properly looked after in a friendly manner. So, do not forget to opt for a life-changing experience with the best company which provides the top yacht rental Dubai. However, we have a simple and humble request. If you have more guests and want to have a DJ and other extravaganza, please let our customer team help to book a luxury yacht rental Dubai as per the budget. They can help you plan even the menu, music and games. They can give the best suggestion, but it is your choice to select the best yacht as per the requirement. It is very easy to book a yacht or a luxury boat from our fleet as we have listed them on the website.


Please do not forget the fact, our yacht promises one hundred percent security as well as privacy as per the requirements. Yes, and a venue you will likely find anywhere in the world. We promise the event will be a memorable one to remember for a lifetime.


Just tap on our Whatsapp/Call button and start the booking process of Luxury Yacht Rentals in Dubai and feel the amazing experience of your choice.


Thinking about a perfect holiday in Dubai? Must hire our luxury boat Dubai exclusive and so amazing yachts will give you all the fun and happiness you are looking for. With our ultimate yacht holiday, people will find a big advantage because there is a lot to see and do here. We are experienced and one of the best companies in Dubai offer well-maintained, clean and very spacious charter to meet your overall needs. Even, we really care about your yacht holiday needs and ensure to manage everything for you exactly as you expect to have.

We spend many hours maintaining each charter on every changeover day so that our guests find everything in an immaculate condition.


Savour the beauty with the glimpse of panoramic view of Dubai Marina in our luxury yacht. We sail around in the following destinations.

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