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Discover the Ultimate Yacht Tour in Dubai

Welcome to Nanje Yachts, the premier yacht rental company in Dubai, where luxury meets adventure on the mesmerizing waters of Dubai Marina. Our fleet of luxury yachts awaits your exploration, promising unforgettable experiences and breathtaking views of Dubai’s iconic skyline.

Yacht tour or chartering is the practice of renting or chartering a sailboat or motor yacht and travelling to various coastal or island destinations for business or vacation Nanje Yachts is an award winning #1 yacht rental company in Dubai for all your personal and business needs.

Yacht Tour Dubai Options

42 Feet Yacht Rental Dubai

42 Feet Yacht

42 Feet / Up to 12 people/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

46 Feet Yacht Rental Dubai

48 Feet Yacht

48 Feet/ Up to 15 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

50 Feet Yacht Rental Dubai | Book a Yacht in Dubai

50 Feet Yacht

50 Feet / Up to 20 people/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

56 Feet Yacht for Rent in Dubai | 56 Feet Yacht Rental Dubai

56 Feet Yacht

56 Feet/ Up to 25 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

75 Feet Majesty Yacht Rental Dubai Marina

75 Feet MAJESTY Yacht

75 Feet/ Up to 35 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

70 Feet Yacht Rental Dubai Marina

75 Feet Yacht

75 Feet/ Up to 35 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

80 Feet Azimut Yacht for Renta in Dubai Marina

80 Feet Yacht

80 Feet/ Up to 35 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

90 Feet Yacht Rental Dubai

90 Feet Yacht

90 Feet/ Up to 40 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

101-Feet Majesty Yacht/Baot Rental Dubai

100 Feet Yacht

100 Feet/ 62 to 80 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

corporate charter yacht rental dubai

120 Feet Yacht

120 Feet/ Up to 120 People/ Cabin / Fly Deck / Sundeck / Saloon / Kitchen / Bedrooms

Nanje Yachts – Dubai Marina Yacht Tour

Nanje Yachts is a company in Dubai which provides the best services in yacht renting in Dubai. We have huge fleet of yachts and boats (capacity from 2-500 pax). Make your cruise more exciting and complement it with, catering and watersports in Dubai. The Jet Ski in Dubai, the banana boat ride, flyboarding and donut ride are the most popular and desired rides in Dubai.

Nanje Yachts offers such watersports in Dubai with full responsibility and professional approach. We will arrange for the seasoned fisherman or curious novice an unforgettable experience in deep sea fishing in Dubai. Our experienced team can fulfill any individual wishes for each guest. During the Yacht Tour Dubai, we can anticipate and cater to the particular needs of your private yacht Rental Dubai.

Your yacht cruise in Dubai could include waiters, hostesses, Dj with professional stereo music system on the board. Nanje Yacht offers the best experience on each yacht or boat of our well-maintained fleet, quality yacht team, and professional customer service. The variety of charters are endless: boat rental in Dubai Marina, romantic yacht cruise in Dubai, yacht party in Dubai, fashion photo shooting on the background of Burj Al Arab and Atlantis Hotel. Our clients are always satisfied with our Yacht rental services, and they come back to us again. We proudly have to say that we provide the best yacht rental in Dubai. Contact Us for Best Yacht tour Dubai offers, best Dubai Marina Yacht Tour, Yacht tour Dubai Offers. Book your Yacht tour Dubai today to get best deals.

Dubai Marina Yacht Tour

 How can you experience the most captivating view of Dubai? Is it from a drone, helicopter, or on land? According to experts, the best view of the magnificent man-made island can be witnessed from a yacht or charter. Are you ready to set sail across Dubai Marina on a luxurious yacht? Look no further. At Nanje Yachts, we specialize in providing guests with an unforgettable sailing experience through our wide selection of luxury yacht tours at Dubai Marina. Book your Dubai Marina Yacht tour Today to get best deals and offers.

Why Choose Nanje Yachts?


  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our dedicated team is available round-the-clock to assist you in selecting the perfect yacht for your needs, ensuring a seamless booking experience.
  • Tailored Events: Whether you’re planning a corporate gathering, intimate celebration, or romantic getaway, we specialize in curating bespoke experiences tailored to your preferences.
  • Catering Services: Indulge in gourmet cuisine, refreshing beverages, and impeccable service as you celebrate aboard our luxury yachts, with customizable catering options to suit your taste.
  • Unparalleled Security: Your safety and privacy are our top priorities. Relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing that our venues offer state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Dubai Yacht Tour

Our team is dedicated to making your stay on our luxury yacht in Dubai Marina truly memorable. Whether it’s a dream come true for your family members or friends, we cater to various events, from baby warming ceremonies to retirement celebrations. Don’t wait any longer! Let your loved ones or company employees celebrate life’s milestones on our luxury yacht rental in Dubai.

Experience is everything when you charter a exclusive yacht, so it is essential where and with which company, you will find and rent a yacht in Dubai. Hire a yacht in Dubai, or a boat with our charter boat Dubai company is easy action. Each of our Boat and Yacht tour in Dubai, with us, is fully insured. Choose high-end quality and safe service, get your unforgettable yachting experience.  We want to know if you enjoy water sports (Jet Ski in Dubai, banana riding or fly board), If you have children in your yacht, your favorite food menu on a yacht cruise, or if you are interested in fishing in Dubai during your tour. We suggest, never dictate all the possible options when discussing the yacht and destination that is most suitable for your yachting vacation. Our mission is to turn each day of your charter into your last fantasy-write the perfect note that will allow your dreams and wishes to become a breathtaking reality. Contact us for best Yacht tour Dubai Marina offers. Book your Yacht tour Dubai today to get best deals and offers.

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